Greek DJs Dance Chart (ΙΝΤ)

#1 This Week:
Jasmine Thompson - Take Me To Church (Liva K Remix)
Week 26/2015 (21-27 Jun)
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     Position Title, ArtistVideo
    1Last Week: 4  Jasmine ThompsonTake Me To Church (Liva K Remix) Listen
    2Last Week: 1 JacintheHugo (Consoul Trainin Remix) Listen
    3Last Week: 2 Consoul Trainin & Pink NoisyTango To Evora 2015 (Club Mix) Listen
    4Last Week: 9  Dino MFU feat. GabrielCan You (Consoul Trainin Remix) Listen
    5Last Week: 3  Andrey Exx & Troitski feat. Diva VocalHere Comes The Rain (Original Mix) Listen
    6Last Week: 19 Feder feat. LyseGoodbye (Chris IDH Remix) Listen
    7Last Week: 16  Dino MFU feat. Sad PuppyBolivar (Original Mix) Listen
    8Last Week: 15  Croatia SquadBack To Life (Original Mix) Listen
    9Last Week: 22  Booka Shade feat. Karin ParkLine Of Fire (Tube & Berger Remix) Listen
    10Last Week: 6  Yolanda Be Cool & DCUPSoul Makossa (Money) (Club Mix) Listen
    11Last Week: 5 Lost FrequenciesAre You With Me (Gianni Kosta Remix) Listen
    12Last Week: 28  Christos FourkisAll I Want Is Your Love (Club Mix) Listen
    13Last Week: 8  Marvin GayeSexual Healing (Kygo Radio Edit) Listen
    14Last Week: -- Andrey Exx & Troitski feat. Diva VocalEverybody's Free (To Feel Good) (Alceen Remix) Listen
    15Last Week: 7 Lost Frequencies feat. Janieck DevyReality (Original Mix) Listen
    16Last Week: 39  Samuele Sartini & eSquire feat. NejaJust Be Good To Me (Original Mix) Listen
    17Last Week: 10 The Avener feat. Adam CohenWe Go Home Listen
    18Last Week: 43  Claptone feat. JawDear Life (Original Mix) Listen
    19Last Week: 11 David LatourSay It Right (Extended Mix) Listen
    20Last Week: -- Consoul Trainin feat. Lisa RayTropical Paradise (Extended Mix) Listen
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