Greek DJs Dance Chart (GR)

#1 This Week:
Elias Fassos & RisK (GR), Cafe De Anatolia - Anasa
Issue Date: 29 Jul 2022 (Week 31/2022)

    The "Greek DJs Dance Chart” is the result of the DJ’s and the members of ALL ABOUT CHARTS’ weekly process. Anyone interested in taking part, should make a request at

    Moreover, any DJ/producer interested in sending us promos or suggested tracks in order to include them in the forenamed process, should send them as well. The songs appear in accordance with selected radio station’s broadcasting around Greece, of the last seven days.

     Position Title, ArtistVideo
    1Last Week: 1 Elias Fassos & RisK (GR), Cafe De AnatoliaAnasa Listen
    2Last Week: 7 Nikos Diamantopoulos, OluhleUhambo Listen
    3Last Week: 2 SousounisAm Fenster Listen
    4Last Week: -- Christos FourkisSermon Of Love (Sunrise Afro Mix) Listen
    5Last Week: 3 George PerrisDisobey (Throdef Remix) Listen
    6Last Week: 12 Michalis Koumbios, NicosSand And Sea (Michalis GS Remix) Listen
    7Last Week: 13 Elias Fassos, Risk, Bassam RadyCairo Listen
    8Last Week: 10 CJ JeffManifesto (Original Mix)  
    9Last Week: 4 Sean FinnOn The Beach (T.Markakis Extended Sunset Mix) Listen
    10Last Week: 5 Chris Madem, Alex Mihalakis, Cafe De AnatoliaLove Listen
    11Last Week: 16 Two RSomething Dark Almost Real Listen
    12Last Week: 17 Doobie BrothersLong Train Running (Digitalic, K.Tsaousis Remix)  
    13Last Week: 19 Goji BerryMexican Cartel Listen
    14Last Week: 21 Yamin Bene, MC Ben, KajazzOdisse (Elias Kazais Remix) Listen
    15Last Week: 6 Dim Angelo, Nikko SunsetIn The Air Tonight Listen
    16Last Week: 9 Lee Wilson, T.MarkakisShowed Me The Way (Radio Edit) Listen
    17Last Week: 8 Philip ZLadies (Radio Edit) Listen
    18Last Week: 11 Mar G RockQue Va Listen
    19Last Week: 14 Kostas Miliotakis, Spiros Hamza, Cafe De AnatoliaAnatolian (Extended Mix) Listen
    20Last Week: 27 Consoul Trainin, Andy Wilson TaylorHypnotized Listen
    21Last Week: 15 PadeCome With Me Listen
    22Last Week: 30 Mar G RockPearls Strings Listen
    23Last Week: 20 Roni IronMatador Listen
    24Last Week: 34 Roni IronAnaktoria (Aoutos Remix) Listen
    25Last Week: -- Dimitris AthanasiouSunset Vibes Listen
    26Last Week: 44 Native P., CocoNot Alone (Original Mix) Listen
    27Last Week: 37 Yamin Bene, MC Ben, KajazzOdisse (Sam (GR) Remix) Listen
    28Last Week: -- Bang La Decks, AlmaThe Forest Listen
    29Last Week: -- VelixWhen You Call My Name Listen
    30Last Week: 24 Roni IronAfter Dark (Erhan Yilmaz Remix) Listen
    31Last Week: 18 Dreamers Inc, MaryAnnViolinOxford Suite (Nikko Sunset, Dim Angelo Remix) Listen
    32Last Week: 22 Marc WernerReally (DSF Remix) Listen
    33Last Week: 47 DJ Athan', Castel OrizoLycaon (The Myth) (Original Mix) Listen
    34Last Week: 26 Michalis Koumbios, ThroDef, Christina Lambrou, Giorgos KotsinisCelosia Listen
    35Last Week: 52 NightshadowStay (Extended Reboot) Listen
    36Last Week: 29 Da Mike, Deep AztecEthembeni Listen
    37Last Week: 59 Liva KSo Much Listen
    38Last Week: -- Elias Fassos & RisK (GR), Michalis KaragiannisMia Agapi Gia To Kalokairi (Original Mix) Listen
    39Last Week: 23 DSF, Alexandra SavvidiFeel This World Listen
    40Last Week: 49 Philip Z, Nico RacDead Or Alive (Edit) Listen
    41Last Week: 31 T.MarkakisPuerta Del Sol Listen
    42Last Week: 25 Dreamers Inc, MaryAnnViolinOxford Suite (Elias Fassos & RisK (GR) Remix) Listen
    43Last Week: 28 Dreamers Inc, MaryAnnViolinOxford Suite Listen
    44Last Week: 32 Dim Angelo, Nikko Sunset, Maria ZhitnikovaDesert Rose (Chris Madem Remix) Listen
    45Last Week: 51 Unick (GR)African Princess Listen
    46Last Week: -- F-Theme, NicosTzivaeri (Instrumental Mix) Listen
    47Last Week: 63 Native P., CocoNot Alone (Nikos Diamantopoulos Epic Dub) Listen
    48Last Week: 36 Minas PortokalisSol Para Siempre Listen
    49Last Week: 38 Muzungu, Morris RevyOkwe (Original Mix) Listen
    50Last Week: 39 Anna ArgyrouGive Me Love (Michael Tsaousopoulos, Arcade Remix) Listen

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