Greek DJs Dance Chart (GR)

#1 This Week:
DJ Pantelis, Nick Saley - What Will Be (A Tribute To Zehava Ben)
Issue Date: 21 Mar 2020 (Week 13/2020)

    The "Greek DJs Dance Chart” is the result of the DJ’s and the members of ALL ABOUT CHARTS’ weekly process. Anyone interested in taking part, should make a request at

    Moreover, any DJ/producer interested in sending us promos or suggested tracks in order to include them in the forenamed process, should send them as well. The songs appear in accordance with selected radio station’s broadcasting around Greece, of the last seven days.

     Position Title, ArtistVideo
    1Last Week: 1  DJ Pantelis, Nick SaleyWhat Will Be (A Tribute To Zehava Ben) -
    2Last Week: 2  DeepSwingIn The Music (DJ Pantelis Remix) -
    3Last Week: 6  Dim ChordI Got 5 (Original Mix) -
    4Last Week: 3  Dim ZachRhythm Ιs Α Dancer (Dim Zach 2020 Remix) -
    5Last Week: 5  Gotye, KimbraSomebody That I Used To Know (DJ Christodoulos 2020 Afro Blend) -
    6Last Week: 4  Dreamers IncApache (DJ Pantelis Remix) -
    7Last Week: 8  John RousGet Naked (Original Mix) -
    8Last Week: 21  Yeghish ManukyanWhere Is She (Christos Fourkis & Silia Love Mix) -
    9Last Week: 7  Dreamers IncApache (Tebra Remix) -
    10Last Week: 17  Christos FourkisMorse Code -

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