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Giorgos Xypas Dance Chart

TOP-10 /27 OCT 2020

1.Ben Delay - Giving Up On Love (Extended Mix)

2.Christos Fourkis - Elephant Story

3.Distant Roads - Work For Love

4.Avira - Love Me (Yotto Remix)

5.George Raptakis - Beautiful

6.Kidnap - Silence (Extended Mix)

7.Leykenda - Wild (Original Mix)

8.Love Legend, Alex Gaudino - Open Your Eyes (Extended Mix)

9.Ludo Lacoste - When You Were Down (Extended Mix)

10.Master KG, Nomcebo Zikode - Jerusalema (Kid Fonque Remix)

Posted: 27 Oct 2020
TOP-10 /14 OCT 2020

1.Lexa Hill - Hedonism (Original Mix)

2.Earth N Days - Everybody Be Somebody (Original Mix)

3.J Maloe, Amber MusicQ - Buyela Embo (Moon Mix)

4.Angelo Ferreri, Moon Rocket - Inspirational (Extended Mix)

5.Block & Crown, Marc Rousso - Watchin' Me (Original Mix)

6.Daniele Mistretta - My House

7.Lou Casablanca, Michael Gray - Move With The Beat (Michael Gray Remix)

8.Mike City, Ian Friday - Used 2 Be (Djefff Remix Vox) (Main Vocal)

9.John Course - Just A Little (Extended Mix)

10.Mar G Rock - Your Loving Arms

Posted: 14 Oct 2020
TOP-10 /7 OCT 2020

1.Tiesto - The Business (Extended Mix)

2.Anabel Englund, MK - Underwater

3.Ladies On Mars - The Billy Of Queens (Vocal Mix)

4.Dreamers Inc, Mikis Theodorakis - Song Of The Little North Wind (DJ Khaikhan Remix)

5.Eric Kupper, Chanelle - One Man (Michael Gray Extended Remix)

6.MD DJ - The Sound Of Istanbul (DJ Christodoulos Afro Bootleg)

7.Philip Z, Ida Flo - Midnight (Extended Mix)

8.Robert Miles, Tinlicker - Children (Extended Mix)

9.Teklix - Dusky Moorish (Original Mix)

10.Ucha - Yellow Jello Slugs (Superlover Extended Remix)

Posted: 07 Oct 2020
TOP-10 /30 Sep 2020

1.Armin Van Buuren, Sam Martin, Avira - Mask (Original Mix)

2.Benassi Bros, Dhany - Hit My Heart (Mister DJs Deep House Mix 2020)

3.Dennis Quin, Tony Sherman - Change Is Gonna Come (Original Mix)

4.Dreamers Inc, Mikis Theodorakis, Stavros Pazarentzis - I've Kept A Hold On My Life

5.T.Markakis - Marvins Touch (Original Mix)

6.Chelina Manuhutu - Big G (Original Mix)

7.Joeski - Tierra Linda (Original Mix)

8.Sandy B - Make The World Go Round (2020 Remaster) (Deep Dish Vocal 12'' Mix)

9.Sting - Desert Rose (Zuma Dionys Edit)

10.CJ Jeff, Georges Perin - In Your Soul (Extended Mix)

Posted: 30 Sep 2020
TOP-10 /23 Sep 2020

1.DJ Pantelis, Pedro Luis Ferrer - La Tarde Triste

2.Elias Fassos, RisK (GR) - Okeanos

3.Franck Roger, Jovonn - Remember (Rocco Rodamaal Remix)

4.7even (GR), Haris Kate, Gkraikos Tete - Eros

5.84Bit, Ida Flo - Don't Mess With Me (Extended Mix)

6.Mikp - The Rabbit Hole (Fanis Stam Remix)

7.Soul Central - All This Love (Club Mix)

8.Vassili, Pink Noisy - Meteore

9.Davie - Testify (Mousse T.'s Funky Shizzle Extended Remix)

10.Earth N Days - Love Me Better

Posted: 23 Sep 2020