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Pantelis Kotakis a.k.a. DJ Pantelis has been spinning professionally for over 20 years. His unique style, remixing and desire to be the best,have propelled him to the top of the Greek and International DJ/Production scene. Playing both EDM and Tribal/ Tech House, his tour of duty (outlined below) has taken him all over the world to over 200 different destinations.


DJ Pantelis has created the biggest and most loyal patron following ever noted within the Greek music scene and is one of Europe's top international DJ's.


Dj Pantelis began producing music from the age of 16.He has started creating some home made remixes with an analog Fostex R8 Multichannel tape recorder and a sample player keyboard from Casio.In 1989 he has started building his studio based on an Atari St 1040 running the first version of Cubase for Atari format.Later he started working with a variety Roland analog synths like the legentary Roland W-30,Juno 106,Roland S750,TB 303 and JV1080.In 1995 he has started producing into PC platform running a Cubase version. Today he is working on a modern digital / analog studio with the best soft and analog gear of the market.He is one of the most succesfull Greek producers in Europe with alot of projects from various genres of dance music.

TOP-10 / 04 JAN 2023

01. Enzo Siffredi, Joezi - Star Nights (Original Mix)

02. Ben Beckman - Mos Toute (Original Mix)

03. Crazibiza, Cheesecake Boys - Party Rockin (Original Mix)

04. Divine, The Deepshakerz, Marck Jamz - Put You On (Original Mix)

05. FunkSoul Brothers - Sexy Thang (Original Mix)

06. Adam Nova - Hot (Original Mix)

07. Soulista, Tracy Hamlin - Night Fall (Extended Mix)

08. Eugenio Fico - The More I Want (Extended Mix)

09. Meghan Trainor - Made You Look (Joel Corry Extended Remix)

10. Sinego, BadWolf - Benjamín Carrión (La Noche) (Original Mix)

Posted: 04 Jan 2023
TOP-10 / 28 DEC 2022

01. Erez, Yulia Niko - I'm Everything (Extended Mix)

02. Raoul De Lima - Children (Mijangos Afro Latin Extended Mix)

03. Ghostbusterz, Funky Gurlz - Simply The Best (Original Mix)

04. Dan Corco, Max Muller - This Is It (Yvvan Back Extended Remix)

05. Sean Finn, Paul Jockey - Dare Me (Softmal & Lucenamusic Extended Remix)

06. Jay Vegas - Disko Express (Original Mix)

07. DJ PP, Crazibiza, Jack Mood - Be Good (House of Prayers Remix)

08. Thomas Newson, MAKJ - Black (Extended Thomas Newson Remix)

09. Funky Family (US) - Happy New Year (Original Mix)

10. Lee Cabrera - Self Control (Extended Mix)

Posted: 28 Dec 2022
TOP-10 / 21 DEC 2022

01. Rockin Moroccin - You Got the Love (Original Mix)

02. Mili, Hoomance - Bella (Original Mix)

03. Sam Smith, Kim Petras - Unholy (David Guetta Acid Extended Mix)

04. Emzy - So Real (Extended Mix)

05. Block & Crown - Trapped On The Beat (Original Mix)

06. Crazibiza - Got the Love (House of Prayers Remix)

07. Lastlings - Get What You Want (Vintage Culture Remix)

08. David Guetta, James Carter, Elley Duhé, Meduza, FAST BOY - Bad Memories (David Guetta Remix)

09. Zsak - Hold On (Extended Mix)

10. Jebu, Corey James - Drum Beats Go Like (Extended Mix)

Posted: 21 Dec 2022
TOP-10 / 14 DEC 2022

01. Stylo, Space Motion - Bombaya (Original Mix)

02. MOSKA, Calussa, LA GURÚ - Adios (After Hours Mix)

03. Daniel Steinberg - Brain Storm (Original Mix)

04. Funky Family (US) - Last Xmass (Original Mix)

05. Tiesto, Solardo, Poppy Baskcomb - I Can't Wait (Extended Mix)

06. Re Dupre, Handek - Move On (Original Mix)

07. Crazibiza, Agua Sin Gas by Antoine Clamaran - Dancin' (2k23 Remix)

08. Ghostbusterz - What A Wicked Game (Original Mix)

09. Block & Crown, Maickel Telussa - Smells Like (Original Mix)

10. Kideko, Sammy Porter - Al Chica (Extended Mix)

Posted: 14 Dec 2022
TOP-10 / 27 NOV 2022

01. Block & Crown - Heart Of Glass (Original Mix)

02. Feid, GORDO (US) - Hombres y Mujeres (Extended Mix)

03. Fuzzy Hair - My Houze (Extended Mix)

04. Nari, Steve Tosi - Move Your Feet (Original Mix)

05. Lisa Kekaula, Tommy Mambretti - Tell The World (Extended Mix)

06. Mr Jay - Chase This (Extended Mix)

07. Syke 'N' Sugarstarr - Ticket 2 Ride (CASSIMM Extended Remix)

08. Tritonal - Adelphi '88 (Jerome Isma-Ae Extended Remix)

09. NERVO, Ace Paloma - Is Someone Looking for Me (Extended Mix)

10. Voost - This Time Baby (Extended Mix)

Posted: 27 Nov 2022