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DJ Menelaos Koutsakos Re-Edits Chart

DJ Menelaos Koutsakos gives emphasis to style and quality, so it can constitute of the ideal choice for venues which have placed very high standards in the field of entertainment. He has been an active DJ almost on a daily basis since 1999 to this day, with a continuous appearance in some of the best bars, hotel-bars (Hilton Galaxy Bar, GB Alexander Lounge, Grand Resort Lagonissi Kohylia etc.) and restaurant-clubs (Baraonda Athens, Alekos Club etc.) in the Attica area. Simultaneously he has played alongside as guest DJ to hundreds of venues in the whole of Greece, Cyprus and overseas (New York and Singapore).

A music lover himself, as well as appreciating the good quality of life, he offers the attitude and the experience so as to satisfy even the most demanding audience. He achieves this by combining his vast knowledge of all types of music, international and Greek, with the inexhaustible wish to offer real entertainment till you drop.

For all the above reasons, Menelaos Koutsakos is considered to be one of the top DJs for private and wedding parties, having already played in some of the best locations in Greece (Tatoi Club, The Ecali Club, Matsuhisa Athens, Nammos Mykonos, Kinsterna Monemvasia etc.) and overseas (Gstaad, Switzerland and Positano, Italy).


O DJ Μενέλαος Κουτσάκος δίνει έμφαση στο στυλ και την ποιότητα, ώστε να αποτελεί την ιδανική επιλογή για χώρους που έχουν θέσει πολύ υψηλά standards στην παροχή υπηρεσιών διασκέδασης. Ενεργός DJ σχεδόν κάθε βράδυ από το 1999 μέχρι και σήμερα, έχει συνεχή παρουσία σε μερικά από τα καλύτερα bars, hotel-bars (Hilton Galaxy Bar, GB Alexander Lounge, Grand Resort Lagonissi Kohylia κλπ.) και restaurant-clubs (Baraonda Athens, Alekos Club κλπ.) του νομού Αττικής. Παράλληλα έχει παίξει ως guest σε εκατοντάδες venues σε όλη την Ελλάδα, την Κύπρο και το εξωτερικό (Νέα Υόρκη και Σιγκαπούρη).

Λάτρης ο ίδιος της καλής ζωής και της καλής μουσικής, διαθέτει το attitude και την εμπειρία ώστε να ικανοποιήσει ακόμα και το πιο απαιτητικό κοινό. Το επιτυγχάνει συνδυάζοντας τη σφαιρική γνώση όλων των ειδών μουσικής, ξένων και ελληνικών, με την αστείρευτη επιθυμία να προσφέρει πραγματική διασκέδαση μέχρι τελικής πτώσεως.

Για όλους τους παραπάνω λόγους, ο Μενέλαος Κουτσάκος θεωρείται ένας από τους κορυφαίους DJs για ιδιωτικά και γαμήλια parties, έχοντας παίξει ήδη στα καλύτερα locations της Ελλάδος (Tatoi Club, Τhe Ecali Club, Matsuhisa Athens, Nammos Mykonos, Kinsterna Monemvasia κλπ.) και του εξωτερικού (Gstaad, Ελβετία και Positano, Ιταλία).

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September 2018 #THEFINEST



01. Diego Moreno Project - Bella Ciao (Goji Berry Cumbia Edit) (18/9/18)

02. George Mavridis X Dim Zach - Medellin (23/9/18)

03. DJ Pantelis - Karma Sutra (21/9/18)

04. Still Corners - Midnight Drive (Dim Zach Edit) (28/9/18)

05. Ray Barretto - Pastime Paradise (Jay - K's ReWork) (10/9/18)

06. Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (DJ ''S'' Disco Woman Edit) (5/9/18)

07. Pink Martini - Ohayoo Ohio (Comocamen Remix) (23/9/18)

08. Nina Simone - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Jay - K's ReWork) (17/9/18)

09. Kool And The Gang - Too Hot (DJ ''S'' Edit) (19/9/18)

10. George Mavridis - The Autumn Leaves (Zucca Mix) (26/9/18)

11. Scorpions - Send Me An Angel (DiPap Remix) (18/9/18)

12. Young Parisians - U Write The Rules (DJ Pantelis Remix) (18/9/18)

13. Lenny Kravitz - It's Enough (Mansta & DiPap Edit) (25/9/18)

14. Axel Vicious - Olmasa Mektubun (Ola Se Thimizoun) (4/9/18)

15. Ricardo Credi - Siga Siga (Comocamen Remix) (29/9/18) 

August 2018 #THEFINEST



01. A New Funky Generation - The Messenger (DJ ‘’S’’ Edit) (9/8/18)

02. Demis Roussos - Smile (Dim Zach & George Mavridis Zucca mix) (23/8/18)

03. Deniece Williams - Free (Jay - K's Extended ReWork) (20/8/18)

04. The McCrarys - Love On A Summer Night (DJ ‘’S’’ Edit) (23/8/18)

05. Narada Michael Walden - I Shoulda Loved Ya (DJ ‘’S’’ Edit) (9/8/18) 

06. Adriano Celentano - 24.000 Baci (Goji Berry Edit) (23/8/18)

07. The Moody Blues - Blue World (Jay - K's Club Mix) (6/8/18)

08. Marcella Bella - Nell’aria (Dim Zach Edit) (3/8/18)

09. Chronixx - Skankin’ Sweet (George Mavridis & Dim Zach Mix) (10/8/18)

10. Catrina Son Systema - El Pescador (Axel Vicious Edit) (7/8/18)

11. Damian Marley - Living It Up (George Mavridis X Dim Zach Carousel Mix) (13/8/18)

12. Elissa - Aa Bali Habibi (Axel Vicious Edit) (5/8/18)

July 2018 #THEFINEST


01. Senior Citizens - Precious You (3/7/18)

02. George Mavridis (Joze) - Blue Eyes (Zucca Mix) (12/7/18)

03. Nuova Compagnia Di Canto Popolare - Pe Dispietto (Dim Zach Zucca Mix) (4/7/18)

04. Engelbert Humperdinck - How I Love you (Dim Zach Zucca Mix) (27/7/18)

05. Rino Gaetano - Sfiorivano Le Viole (DJ Snatch Rework) (25/7/18)

06. Comocamen - L'ame​-​Soeur A L'hamecon (Monte Carlo Remix) (19/7/18)

07. Toto - Georgy Porgy (DJ ''S'' Edit) (22/7/18)

08. Lenny Kravitz - Low (PeLaGoS PLG Edit) (18/7/18)

09. Manu Chao - Bongo Bong (DJ Pantelis Remix) (2/7/18)

10. Goji Berry - If I Had A Hammer (23/7/18)

11. Kosheen - Hide U (Jay​-​K's Remix) (23/7/18)

12. George Mavridis - Anemos (Joze ReWork) (28/7/18)

13. Antaeus - Byzantine Meditation (Dim Zach Edit) (27/7/18)

14. George Mavridis (Joze) - Desperately Faithless (Zucca Mix) (27/7/18)

15. Husnu Senlendirici - Istanbul Olali (Axel Vicious Edit) (3/7/18)

16. DJ ''S'' - Summertime (28/7/18)

17. Dim Zach - The Shadow Of Your Smile (Zucca Mix) (26/7/18)

18. Jacob Gurevitsch - Lovers In Paris (Axel Vicious Edit) (14/7/18)

19. Betty Wright - Old Songs (Jay​-​K's Extended ReWork) (13/7/18)

20. Charlie Puth - Marvin Gaye (Goji Berry Edit) (6/7/18)

October 2018 #THEFINEST


Posted: 30 Nov 2018